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Meet the Team

DR TIM LYONS - Lyons Orthodontics

Dr. Tim Lyons, Orthodontist

My Mother was a social worker. My Father was an auto wrecker.

My mother is the most caring, wonderful human being I have ever met. She taught me to always lead with love. I learned hard work from my Dad. He never missed a day of work. He left the house at five in the morning returning home at seven o’clock at night. As a husband and father, I appreciate that work ethic so much.

Growing up, we always had somebody living in our house, My parents would have given everything we had to help somebody else. A career as an Orthodontist allows me to express both of those qualities. Which is why ortho is a calling for me. I love working hard for people. But I also love giving and taking care of those around me. It’s never ever been business and it never will be. I love creating spectacular smiles as much as I love helping people. Our team and our patients truly are an extension of my family.

Dr Drew EDH orthodontist

Dr. Jonathan Drew, Orthodontist

From San Jose, CA. I love outdoor activities like camping, fishing and hiking. I have worked at Lyons for two years and love it here because even though we create the world’s most incredible smiles, it is much more than that for us. We genuinely care about our patients and work tirelessly to make sure that their expectations are exceeded and that they are encouraged and uplifted with every interaction. It makes working here so fun and rewarding!

Dr. Lowry Lyons Orthodontics

Dr. Catherine Lowry, Orthodontist

Originally from Granite Bay, CA. I am so happy to finally be back in the Sacramento area after 12 years away!

I am thankful everyday to be an orthodontist- it is truly the best profession in the world. I love the amazing team at Lyons and the amount of care and dedication we give each individual patient. We get to spend our days making people smile... How lucky are we?!

Outside of Lyons, I love spending time outdoors, soccer, Harry Potter, pasta, yoga and my wonderful family- husband Peter, daughters Elliott and Logan, and our rescue dog Hermione.


Meet The Team

Kayla - Lyons Orthodontics Team


Operations Director and RDA/OA. I am from Jackson CA and have been with Lyons Ortho since 2007. I chose Lyons Ortho because it is more than braces here; we are a family who truly cares about each other and each of our patients! I have had the opportunity to meet so many patients, who now feel like very close friends of mine...where can you go to work and acquire this many friends?! And we build beautiful smiles! Something about me- I love to do anything outdoors with my husband, and little boy Wes!

Sierra - Lyons Orthodontics Team


Born and raised in the small town of Colby, WI. I started working at Lyons earlier this year. I love how everybody on this team treats one another like family. It is a very welcoming place for both patients and staff! Something fun about me, I am a Pretty outgoing person! I love to dance whenever there is music, talk to anyone I meet and do silly things to lighten the mood. My husband and I enjoy camping, hiking paddle boarding, trying new restaurants and going to movies!

Lauren - Lyons Orthodontics Team


Lauren has been with Lyons for almost 2 years. I remember bringing the children I nannied in for their orthodontic appointments at Lyons and seeing how joyful everyone was around me. I saw Lyons Orthodontics through the eyes of a patient and knew this team truly loved one another and what they do. I am so grateful to now be part of this team that values relationships and changes lives.

Erin - Lyons Orthodontics Team


I am lucky to be a part of Lyons Orthodontics because we have FUN while creating beautiful smiles, building relationships, and getting to see their families grow over the years.

Bekah - Lyons Orthodontics Team


I am from Shingle Springs, CA. I choose Lyons Orthodontics because we care so much about each and every patient, their family and anyone who walks through our doors. I love working with the best team and being able to create the most beautiful smiles.

Mary - Lyons Orthodontics Team


Concierge and Treatment Coordinator. From Fortuna, CA. I enjoy traveling, going on mission trips and spending time with my family. I have been at Lyons for a year and a half. I am blessed to be a part of this team. We do not just create beautiful smiles, but change lives forever.

Darci - Lyons Orthodontics Team


I am originally from Indiana. I have worked here for 3 years and I love it here because this is a family! There are so many opportunities for us to grow and we all learn together. At Lyons Orthodontics we’re not just a team, we are a family.

Christina - Lyons Orthodontics Team


I am from South Lake Tahoe. Has been with Lyons for 12 Years. My son and I love to go fishing together! The most rewarding part of being with Lyons Orthodontics is that we make a difference in our patients (who become our family and friend’s) lives that last forever.

Sarah - Lyons Orthodontics


Originally from Northern California but I grew up in Oklahoma and Texas as I come from a large military family. I am a previous patient of Dr Lyons. Throughout my own smile journey i fell in love with Orthodontics. I believe that what we are doing here is truly changing lives. I am so excited to be a part of it.

Vanessa - Lyons Orthodontics


I am from San Francisco, CA. I have worked at Lyons Orthodontics for 15 years. I love working here at Lyons. I truly enjoy spending time in the lab and creating high-quality products for our patients! In my free time, I really enjoy spending my time hiking!

Erin M Lyons Orthodontics


I have been with my Lyons Orthodontics Family since 2007. My son and I love to camp, kayak and play outdoors. It is a gift to be able to transform and create beautiful smiles for our patients, to form lasting relationships, and to see them go off into the world with a more confident smile. I am truly blessed!

Nancy - Lyons Orthodontics


I am from Loomis, CA. I have been with Lyons Ortho since 2005! I love it here because we are one big family and laugh with each other every single day! The best gift is being able to see patients as we transform their lives. When I’m not at work you can find me on the mountainside enjoying all of nature’s gifts!

Terri - Lyons Orthodontics


I grew up in Cupertino, CA and have been fortunate enough to be part of the Lyons Family for 8 years. Lyons Orthodontics is about our connections, positivity and creating beautiful, confident smiles to take into the world. I love to laugh, learn and spend time with family and friends.

Nikki - Lyons Orthodontics


Inspired by my own personal experiences with dental and orthodontic treatment, I quickly developed a love of dentistry. My other loves include my cat Neener, barbequing on my Traeger, and motorcycle backpacking trips. I became a registered dental assistant in 2014 with the dream of working in the challenging and rewarding world of orthodontics. Now I get to live my dream and create beautiful smiles with the Lyons Orthodontics family.

Becky - Lyons Orthodontics


I am from Sacramento, CA. I have worked with Lyons Orthodontics for ten years. I chose Lyons Orthodontics because of the love and dedication we put into our patients. We build beautiful smiles and relationships with everyone we meet. I love to be outdoors with my family and go on camping trips!!





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