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Best and Worst Halloween Candy for Braces

Who here absolutely loves candy? We know a majority of you answered yes! Candy may be a yummy treat, but it’s one of the leading causes of broken/bent wires. If you have braces, you should avoid eating candy. That may be a little tricky to do since Halloween is coming up. No need to worry, you can still celebrate Halloween! In this article, we discuss the best and worst Halloween candy for braces. Happy Halloween!

Worst Candy for Braces

  • Chewy Candies. For the good of your braces, orthodontic professionals at Lyons Orthodontics in El Dorado Hills, CA, recommend avoiding any chewy candies this Halloween. If you aren’t sure what candies we’re referring to, then think of Tootsie Rolls, Skittles, Airheads, Starburst, Jelly beans, Laffy Taffy and Air Heads. When you eat chewy candy, you risk having your braces bent or broken.
  • Hard Candies. Sorry to break this to you, but hard candies aren’t good for your braces! Their adverse effects include staining the elastics of your braces, bending the wires, breaking the brackets, and causing tooth decay. Hard candies include, but are not limited to: jolly ranchers, jawbreakers, and butterscotch. Eating hard candy could do serious damage to your braces and your dental health. At Lyons Orthodontics, we want you to have the best Just Smile experience possible! So, please skip the hard candies this Halloween!
  • Caramel. Now this will break a lot of hearts among kids and teens, but caramels, regardless of whether they are hard or soft, aren’t good for anyone wearing braces. These candies could tear your brackets, and they can get stuck in your braces. Sugar Babies, Toffees, candy apples, and caramel apples are not recommended for people with braces.
  • Candies and Candy Bars with Nuts. Our friend Dr. Jordan Smith, a dentist in Georgetown, Kentucky, says that any candy that contains nuts are not for people with braces. At Lyons Orthodontics in El Dorado Hills, we have seen way too many braces that have been damaged by candies and candy bars containing nuts. For that reason, we urge patients to confiscate candies like Snickers, Payday, Babe Ruth, Almond Joy, Hershey’s with Almonds, and any other candies that have nuts in them.

Best Candy for People with Braces

  • Pure Chocolate. If you have braces, one of the best things that you can eat during Halloween is pure chocolate. Pure chocolate won’t damage your braces; it is easy to chew and is less likely to cause tooth decay like other candies. As long as the chocolate doesn’t have any nuts or caramel, go ahead and give yourself a treat! Hershey’s Kisses, Dove, Hershey’s bars, and any other brand of pure chocolate is okay to eat if you wear braces.
  • Mint Patties. Our orthodontists in El Dorado Hills condone mint patties! They freshen your breath and are incredibly tasty. Since they don’t pose any danger to your braces, you can go ahead and enjoy them during Halloween. However, it is advisable to brush your teeth after eating mint patties since they contain lots of sugar.
  • Peanut Butter Cups. Peanut butter cups are a perfect choice for people who love eating candy with nuts. These candies are highly unlikely to damage your braces, yet they allow you to enjoy chocolate with a touch of protein in it.
  • Milky Way and 3 Musketeers. For all of our sticky candy lovers, Milky Way, and 3 Musketeers can make a safe candy choice. For example, the caramel found in Milky Way is not so hard that it would damage your brackets and wires.

Now that you know what candies to eat and what to avoid this Halloween, you can enjoy this spooky holiday! Keep in mind that our recommendations above are only for people who have braces. If you’re in doubt, give our El Dorado Hills or Fair Oaks orthodontic office a call, and we will answer any questions you have. We hope you have a fun and safe Halloween!

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